Upcoming Hotel In Dubai For Your Royal Vacation

This is the project of upcoming hotel to be built in Dubai.

The Apeiron will have 350 luxury apartment suites and be a jungle-themed hotel built on an island about 300-500 m off the coast of Dubai – close enough to swim to but that’s not the intended mode of transport to access the island. It will be accessible by boat or helicopter only. The top two floors of the Apeiron will contain a jungle with butterflies and other insects. As yet, it is unknown if insect repellent will be included with your bathroom goodies. Other features will include an art gallery, cinemas, conference facilities, shops, underwater spa & gym, an underwater restaurant, and private lagoons & beaches for the guests.

The idea is to build a building which can stand as one of the most beautiful and the most creative hotels in the world. Dubai has already shocked us with amazing and creative building. Lets see the photos below.

What’s your impression?