Town Hidden In Boulders


The beautiful and attractive town of Monsanto, an old establishment settled on the mountain side in countryside of Portugal, increases the most amazing scenes on earth. It includes small streets made from rock and granite houses pushed between gigantic stones, the way it has been done makes us feel like we are seeing a real life Bedrock.

Monsanto was called the most town of Portuguese in Portugal in 1938, which looks weird, determining majority of buildings in Portugal are not crushed between two bedrocks, or have huge rocks dangling on top of hem, but because of its open air museum it has been successful in keeping its outer appearance over all these years. Because to building limitations in the area, the appearance of Monsanto has not changed for all these years and has been able to keep its real beauty.

There are many buildings in Monsanto and all are unique to the place, like huge boulders installed with doors that resulted in living quarters made from steep rock, the small town includes some features of Portuguese architecture, like the church and houses constructed in Manueline format, and others affected by gothic Romanesque. The confined streets just are wide enough that a donkey can walk through or climb up a very steep hill of 400 feet, you can see the ruins of Templar Castle at the top.

This place is located 12 kilometers away from the Idaha-a-Nova municipality and 160 kms from the Salamanca, a Spanish city. Reaching Monsanto by public transportation is not very easy. But it is definitely worth the trouble that you will take when you consider the unique scenes of this small town.