Top 7 Incredible Caves (+video)

Caves are true underground museums. Primitive men used them as shelters, today we visit them, we study them, trying to learn more about these extremely beautiful art works of Mother Nature. Interesting things happen underground we should definitely take the time to see them.

The beauty of a cave stand not only in its size, but in its interesting formations that can either rise from the ground or hang from the ceiling. Each cave is different and special, so visit as many of them as you can, to better understand what’s going on underneath our feet.

7. Grotte de Dargilan, France

This natural cave was discovered in 1880 and is one of the largest in France. It’s not so tall, but it has some interesting soft pink formations, which is why it is also called “the pink cave”. It has different chambers with interesting names, like Chamber of Chaos, The Mosque or The Basins. It’s a beautiful cave, that has kept it’s natural look, not being spoilt by adding lights and paths.

6. Fantasy Cave, Bermuda

One of Bermuda’s secret treasures, Fantasy Cave is a beautiful cave, filled with interesting formations. The ceilings are decorated with colored straw formations and the walls are covered with mineral deposits which are a perfect imitation of frozen waterfalls. The cave was discovered and developed as a show cave in 1907. The pathways were rebuilt and lights were added, for an easy access of visitors.
5. Luray Caverns, Virginia (USA)
A true natural landmark of the United States, containing incredible formations of stalactites and stalagmites. The caverns can reach the height of a ten stories building, and they are filled with crystal clear pools. The cave’s highlight is the stalacpipe organ, formed of stalactites which resonate when they are struck with rubber clappers, creating music of symphonic quality. This stalacpipe is unique in the world.
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The caves were discovered in 1878 by Andrew Campbell, who was searching the area together with three other men. They dug away loose rocks for four hours before sliding down a rope into the cave, discovering the largest series of caverns in Eastern America. The first scientists who examined the caves said in their report: “… it is safe to say that there is probably no other cave in the world more completely and profusely decorated with stalactite and stalagmite ornamentation than that of Luray.”
The 11 caverns are connected by paved pathways and one hour tours guide the visitors through the majestic rooms.
4. Aven Armand Cave, France
Aven Armand Cave was discovered in 1897 by Louis Armand. After a funicular ride you’ll reach a 45 meters high and 60 meters wide chamber, 100 meters underground. You’ll have a view of the whole cavern, with stalagmites rising several meters from the ground. The largest stalagmite in the world can be found here, 30 meters high.
3. Reed Flute Cave, China
The verdant reeds growing outside the cave, used for making flutes, gave the cave its name. Entering the limestone cave, you’ll discover another world, filled with various stalactites and stone pillars, illuminated by colored lights, creating a fairytale atmosphere. Along the 240 meters long cave you’ll see different formations, each with its own story and unique name: Crystal Palace, Dragon Pagoda, Flower and Fruit Mountain.
It is said that the cave is over 180 million years old, but it was discovered only in 1940s by a group of refugees and it is a show cave since 1962.
2. Cheddar Caves, England (UK)
Two caves form the Cheddar Caves: Gough’s Cave, the largest one, discovered in 1890 by a sea captain named Richard Gough and the second one is Cox’s Cave, discovered accidentally by local mill owner George Cox in 1837. One of his workers fell down through a whole in the cave’s roof while he was collecting rocks. Gough’s Cave stretches 0.4 kilometers (0.25 miles) underground and has enormous caverns, which is why it is referred to as ‘the cathedral’.
When Gough’s Cave was blasted for exploration, archaeologists found the oldest complete skeleton in Britain. It is supposed to be 9,000 years old and it is referred to as Cheddar Man.
1. Crystal Ice Cave, California (USA)
Maybe you didn’t think that there is such a thing as an ice cave in California, but there is. And it’s spectacular. It’s ice formations have strange shapes and they are really amazing. Because of the sensitive nature of the ice formations, the cave can only be visited by a small number of visitors at one time. From December through March, guided tours of no more than six visitors are available. This tour can last up to three hours or more and it is for people in a good physical condition.
Video – the stalacpipe organ in action.