The Most Beautiful Place to Travel To

Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve (Dripping Springs, 37 miles on Highway 71 west of Austin, Texas) is one of the most beautiful places in the world. A subterranean lake coming to the surface from under the stone arch grotto is complemented with a waterfall.

The lake was formed as a result of the collapse of a limestone dome over an underground river because of massive erosion. After heavy rains water falls from the edge of the cave, 14 meters high. The underground river flows into the nearby Pedernales river, which in turn is a tributary of Colorado.

Until the 19th century, American Indian tribes Apaches and Tokava lived there. In 1985, the area of ​​232 acres of land in rural county Travis was purchased from private owners and declared a nature reserve.

One can get to the lake on foot, leaving the car at the entrance to the reserve. In the 60s of last century the lake was a favorite place for summer recreation for the citizens of Austin, but later bathing in the lake has been limited and currently only permitted when water quality meets the standard. The time of visiting the park for the tourists has also been reduced  – the park is open until 17 pm.