Plan Your Caribbean Vacation!

There are 365 beautiful beaches for sunning, surfing, water sports & fabulous island weather all year round. Beautiful hotels & resorts, wonderful shopping, weddings, honeymoons, romance, adventure, culture, historical sights, cool mountains and hot Caribbean nightlife will make Puerto Rico your best choice for a Caribbean vacation!

And here are 10 things to do in Puerto Rico:

Bioluminescent Bays The bioluminescent bays near Fajardo and in Vieques are a soul-healing experience that should not be missed. The microscopic organisms that live in every drop of water in these bays will glow when they dart away from movement. Take a kayak or boat tour during a new moon for the best results; they’re hard to see during a full moon and impossible to see in sunlight. The biolumicescent bay in Lajas is by far the most famous one to visit with many kiosks and restaurants there for the traveler to enjoy as well as boat tours.

Snorkel and Scuba dive … Puerto Rico’s Caribbean coasts. Especially out of Fajardo. But be sure that if you book with a snorkel trip – that they guarantee you you’ll be taken to true snorkeling sites. Dive operators (for instance, the outfit named Sea Ventures) have been known to book snorkelers on day trips along with scuba divers, taking them all to deep water sites suited only to scuba diving!

Outdoor Adventures There is plenty to do outside the metropolitan areas. Many small family owned tour companies provide guided tours of the Central Mountains in Utuado near Río Tanama, Repelling in Arecibo, kayak tours of Lake Guajataka, and horse back riding on the beach in Aguadilla.

Some of the tour operators also provide low cost or free lodging. Let’s Go Puerto Rico has listed a few of these outfitters or you can simply do an internet search with the name of the area you would like to visit to find things to do. The individual towns also have yearly festivals listed in the tourism guides available at both major airports.

Golf The Trump International Golf Club boasts Puerto Rico’s first course of legendary proportions, designed by PGA Professional Tom Kite. Comprised of two 18-hole championship courses, the Championship and the International.The Trump International Golf Club boasts Puerto Rico’s first course of legendary proportions, designed by PGA Professional Tom Kite. Comprised of two 18-hole championship courses, the Championship and the International.

El Yunque El Yunque, Puerto Rico’s rain forest is a must see. It spreads out over a mountain, so if you walk uphill from the road you’re in an amazing rain forest. At any altitude you’ll see numerous varieties of plant and animal life. If you’re lucky you can catch a glimpse of the endangered Puerto Rican parrot & hear the song of the local Coqui tree frog. There are many hiking trails and the Yokahu tower is a great spot to see the forest from above. There are also two trails that lead you straight down to La Mina waterfalls. You can swim at the bottom of the falls in the cold refreshing water. There are short hiking trails and long hiking trails and they do overlap. Pay close attention to the signs to ensure that you do not bite off more than you can chew.

Since it is a RAIN forest, expect it to rain daily and frequently. This means you may wish to leave your expensive Louis Vuitton hand-bag at the hotel.

Casinos In the metropolitan area in San Juan they have luxurious hotels with casinos similar to Las Vegas…if you like to gamble, San Juan will be a great place to stay while vacationing in the island.

Horseback Riding Whether you’re dreaming about spectacular surfing waves, a challenging golf course, or the perfect sunbathing beach, Puerto Rico offers the active traveler a tremendous array of opportunities. Surfing and golf compete with tennis, fishing, kayaking, scuba diving, and horseback riding, not to mention windsurfing and parasailing, for your active time. The island has over 15 championship golf courses a short drive away from the San Juan metropolitan area.

Learn about the different character of Puerto Rico’s favorite beaches, or find out where to participate in your favorite sports. The hardest part will be choosing what to do first.

Visit a Plantation Coffee, sugar cane, and tobacco were the three main agricultural products exported by Puerto Rico in the old days. Sugar cane was produced in the hot low-lands by the sea while tobacco and coffee were grown in the mountainous interior of Puerto Rico. A few coffee plantations are still active or have been turned into museums. Most of them can be found and visited in the mountains region just North of Ponce.

Puerto Rico’s beaches are varied. White sandy beaches put Puerto Rico and its offshore islands on tourist maps in the first place. The fabulous white sand beaches and turquoise seas of your dreams are in Vieques, Culebra and the islands near Icacos. Many other Caribbean destinations have only jagged coral outcroppings or black volcanic-sand beaches that get very hot in the noonday sun.

Blue Flag in Puerto Rico The Blue Flag Program, initiated in Europe since 1987 has been modified for implementation in the Caribbean. It is a voluntary program and it has proven along the years to be a very effective strategy to guarantee the best quality in beach services for bathers in different parts of the world.

One of the top beaches on all the islands is Luquillo Beach, notable for its great swimming and views of the nearby rainforest. Luquillo has a beautifully calm crescent with a lovely view of the mountains. Isabela has dunes, Maunabo has dramatically beautiful views and orange sands.  The beaches around the scenic Cabo Rojo lighthouse are white sand. Rincon has its great surfing waves in the winter and yellow calm sands in the summer.