Little Elephant’s Story

Once upon a time there lived a little elephant in the far, far away jungle.

But this little elephant was not a good boy, and he was never listening to what his mother was telling to him. She was always saying : ” Be careful where you are going and don’t wonder around, because jungle is not the safest place to be!”, but he didn’t care a lot about what his mother’s talking. And, than one day he went to the river and the crocodile caught him. Little elephant tried to run away, but it was to late, the elephant already got him. He started to yell, and good thing was that his mother and father heard…not only they heard the little elephant’s screaming all the family did, so they all run to the rescue, and saved little elephant. From that day, this little elephant never was a bad bay and listened to his mother and became fine and big elephant! Always listen to your mothers!