Finca Bellavista Treehouse Vacation – Costa Rica

In the lush jungles of Costa Rica, you’re welcome to visit, vacation or even live in this vibrant treehouse community.  This community, lovingly named Finca Bellavista, welcomes visitors from the United States and beyond who wish to experience life amongst the trees and the animals of the jungle.  Finca Bellavista was founded by visiting Americans and expatriots who built a vast network of treehouses that are connected by bridges and zip lines in a large section of forest.  Visitors are welcomed to stay in one of the Finca Bellavista guest houses, provided that they help out around the community and immerse themselves into the jungle experience.  That includes bathing in freshwater waterfalls, hiking to the nearby Pacific Ocean and understanding the jungle environment.  It’s an experience we’ve all dreamed about since childhood– living amongst the trees far above the ground in a land where no one could touch us.  It’s quite idyllic, isn’t it?