10 Most Unusual Places In India You Simply Can’t Miss

10. Karni Mata Mandir, Bikaner

Karni Mata Mandir, also known as the Rat Temple, is a sacred place located in the city of Denshoke, 30 km from Bikaner. This temple is known for the impossible number of more than 20,000 rats located on its premises. As the legend has it, during one battle more than 20,000 soldiers deserted their posts and landed up in Denshoke. Karni Mata spared their lives, but turned all of them into rats.
There’s another story, in which Karni Mata’s son drowned in water, so she prayed to the god of death, Yama, to bring him back to life. Unfortunately, the god couldn’t grant her wish, but instead gave her a boon (a kind of spell) that all her relatives would reincarnate into rats, die, and then be born as people again. It is considered great luck when a rat runs over your feet.